2019  - a year of favorites?

January 11-13, 2019:  Orcacon!  @ the Hilton in Bellevue! A favorite!  

March 7:  Ice Cream Thursdae Vol 26!  @Happy Grillmore, 509 13th Ave in Central District Seattle!

March 9:  Urban Unglued: Bat's Night Out  @306 134th St S, Tacoma, WA 98444.  I'll hopefully have a bunch of Battigans for sale here, and will be working with Osteocephaly!

March 24-25:  Witch, Please Market! @ Cryptatropa Bar, 421 4th ave E, Olympia wa 98501.  With The awesome Osteocephaly!!

May 4th: Geek Craft Market @ 427 N Meridian, Puyallup, WA!  A new Show, how exciting!

May 24-26:  Furlandia @ the Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel!  I guess this will be my first Portland show instead!

October 26-27:  Jet City Comic Show!  @ 1500 Broadway, Tacoma, WA 98402 !  I'll  be here with my dear friend Osteocephaly!!